ANOTHER incredible ten releases make up the shortlist for this year's Album of the Year shortlist.

If the last 12 months have shown us anything, it's that there will forever be a place in the Scottish music scene for full bodies of work.

Artists have once again shown us that LPs are the pinnacle of the field, with some stunning works released in 2022.

Iain Smith, editor of The Weekender, said: "There is no excitement quite like the news that a Scottish artist is preparing to release an album. We were delighted with the outstanding material on offer this year and long may this continue."

Like last year, ten artists have made the shortlist to pick up the Album of the Year Award - sponsored by Party at the Palace. The winner will join the ranks of former winners Broken Chanter and The Ninth Wave.

All winners of this year's awards will be announced on Wednesday, December 21.


The Weekender's Album of the Year shortlist


Goodnight Louisa - Human Danger

Michael Timmons – The Lightness of the Dread

Wrest – End All the Days

Megan Black – Deadly Is The Woman

Katherine Aly – Shadows Are Made of Light Too

Slim Wrist – Closer for Comforting


Poster Paints – Poster Paints

Jamie Button – Lost in Local Life

Linzi Clark – All I Have Now