TEN bands have made the shortlist for the Music Video of the Year Award 2022.

The latest batch of videos is a testament to the talent that swirls around the Scottish music scene - not just the bands and artists, but those who work alongside them to craft new ways of telling stories.

Iain Smith, editor of The Weekender, said: "This is a favourite category among judges - seeing musicians explore another medium is always interesting and the results are usually a complete delight.

"A huge shout-out has to go to the talented directors and editors for their hard work in bringing these videos to life."

Past winners of the Music Video of the Year Award include The Vegan Leather and Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves.

The winners will be revealed on Wednesday, December 21.


The Weekender's Music Video of the Year shortlist


Dictator – Rubik’s Cube (By Rich Goodwin)

Linzi Clark – The Kitchen (By Bovine)

Gravedancer – The Devil’s Garden (By Kevin Thomson)

Danko – Gecko                           

Crashes – Hearts in Heaven and Hell (By Calum McMilllan)

Stay for Tomorrow – Lipstick Lips (Directed by Neil McKenzie)

Culann – Rovers (By Stuart Alexander)

Brownbear – One More Night (Directed by Hannah McMillan)

Midnight Ambulance – Smoke and Sweets (By Em New, Ed College of Art)

Sunstinger – Only in the Morning (By Rory Cowieson)