THE last 12 months have been something truly special for the Scottish music scene.

Outstanding albums, incredible musicianship and all the heart and attention our artists are known for. 

As a result, the shortlists for The Weekender Awards 2023 are nothing short of stacked.

A total of 100 nominees have been named across our eight categories this year. Winners and runners-up will be revealed in early 2024.


Album of the Year – sponsored by Room2 Glasgow

Abigail Pryde – Abigail Pryde
Brownbear – Demons
Dead Sea Souls – Brought to Life
Gerry Son & The Smokin’ Gun – Gallus in Wonderland
Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves – Unmask the Circus

Raveloe – Exit Light
Royal Bloom – Visceral
She Burns Red – Out of Darkness
Sophie Penman – Written in the Books
Withered Hand – How to Love

EP of the Year - sponsored by

Arcade State – A Slave to the Waves
Artax – Eternally Regretful
Cloud House – Still Here 
David Latto – Dream Logic
Elisabeth Elektra – Broken Promises 

Hospital Corner – Speaking New Languages
Lo Rays – Algorithm Gods
Megan Black – Full Circle (Part 1)
Nathan Somevi – Brave
Neverfine – Do Everything, Feel Nothing

Rosie H Sullivan – In My Nature
swim school – duality
Theo Bleak – Pain
VIGILANTI – Pick Your Poison
Vulpine - Nightmares

Song of the Year - sponsored by Forth Valley College

Anchor Lane – Ministry 
Bird Cage Theatre – The City Screams Us
Bride – Lost Cause
Brownbear - Demons
Day Sleeper – Savage Dreams

Future Colours – May She Sleep Forever
Grace & The Flat Boys - Ghosting
King Creosote – Blue Marbled Elm Trees
Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves – Stubborn 
Plasticine – On My Own

Raveloe – Clouds Are Release
Rodeo Club – Out of Sight 
Silvi – Don’t Wanna Love Again
Theta – What I Want
Xan Tyler – You’re My Muse

Single of the Year - sponsored by Forth Valley College

Anchor Lane – I Don’t Have Another Soul to Pour
Arcade State – Life is Not Linear
Big Iron – River Runs Dry
Bottle Rockets – Limerence
Brownbear – All I Want

Calum Jones – Truth Hurts
Culann – St Andrews
Distant Images – Sight Unseen
Gerry Son & The Smokin' Gun – Get on Board
Nelson Savages – The Atlantic

Rosie H Sullivan – Only a Woman
Saint Vienna – New Hope
She Burns Red – Out of Darkness
Slowmove – Golden Stitches
Strange Dimensions – To Stay

Live Act of the Year - sponsored by B12 Entertainment

Big Iron
Bleed from Within

Forgetting the Future
Grace & The Flat Boys
Into the Pines
Sixth Wonder

Breakthrough Artist of the Year - sponsored by Electric Shores PR

Abigail Pryde
Big Iron
Bird Cage Theatre
Conflict Hope 

Day Sleeper
Into Yesterday
Joe Goodall
Lo Rays

Quiet Houses
Snows of Yesteryear

Acoustic Act of the Year 

James Liandu
Jamie Taylor
Jordan Phillips
Kate Kyle

Liv Dawn
Matthew Hall
Shaun Panda Nicolson

Electronic Act of the Year 

Beta Waves
Dot Allison
Fourth Daughter
Get Wrong

Post Coal Prom Queen
Superman on da beat

Winners for this year's awards will be unveiled early in 2024.