OPPOSITION to proposals for wind turbines in the south of Alloa is still high, despite changes being made to the application.

A revised planning application for two wind turbines on the former Black Devon land fill site at Forthbank has been submitted to Clackmannanshire Council.

An original application from Partnerships for Renewables (PfR) was submitted in 2010 for four wind turbines each with a height of 125-metres.

Following fierce criticism from residents PfR reviewed its plans and re-submitted them in March.

However many residents aren't convinced and maintain fears over noxious substances, wildlife and the dangers of turbines being on disused land fill sites.

They also expressed concerns that two turbines may lead to four further down the line.

Following a public meeting held by Alloa Community Council last week (Wednesday 13) secretary Campbell Millar said many people are still against the plans.

He commented,"There were people at the meeting who clearly feel very strongly about it. At the end of the meeting we did a show of hands and nobody there wanted the application to be approved. There was three abstentions.

"There wasn't one person who supported it." He explained the community council's opposition, "The reason for that, first of all, is the visual impact. These wind turbines will be 30 metres higher than Clackmannan Tower. So they will dominate the skyline from anywhere in Alloa." "We are also concerned about the impact of the bird life and the RSPB have formally objected to these proposals down to the risk of bird collision." Craig Mullen, of PfR, said changes were made to take into account public opinion and feedback from statutory consultees with regards to height and proximity to housing.

He went on, "Since the original submission of the application in November 2010, we have shown a willingness to adapt the plans and have subsequently halved the number of turbines as well as reduced their tip height by almost 20 metres." He added, "In light of the issues that we've addressed over the past few months, we have no plans to increase the number of turbines on this site.

"We look forward to the application being considered by the committee on completion of the planning officers report."