Stirling Castle played host to the world’s press Wednesday 14 January as the gaming fraternity prepared for one of the year’s highest-profile launches.

‘Wild Hunt’, the latest instalment in the popular Witcher series, is set to hit the shelves later this year.

Creators Bandai Namco chose Scotland as the backdrop for the in-game action.

The company’s Northern Region vice president, John Galloway, said: “This is by far the biggest game [in the series] in its gameplay depth and storyline.

“We are using brand new technology with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One and that allows us to publish a lot better in looks and storyline and everything that the game can actually now do.” Part of the game’s storyline focuses on the Battle of Peebles.

Peebles Castle was unsuitable for the launch event, but the creators settled on Stirling, with the development team having carried out much of their pre-production work in the local area and around the east coast.

Galloway said: “Stirling Castle and the area really helps us in setting the scene [for journalists] within the game itself, so that’s a key part of it.

“Also within the game we’ve got some Scottish actors, so that’s a loose link.” The game features an all-star cast, including Alexander Morton, Michael Maloney, Charles Dance and Allen Leech.

The main plot of ‘Wild Hunt’ concerns the search for a prophecy.

Ciri, played by Jo Wyatt, is the subject of the prophecy, and Geralt (Doug Cockle) is the series’ main protagonist.

Geralt’s quest will take the player on many wild adventures in what Bandai Namco describe as the most in-depth gaming experience the series has produced yet.

The creators hope the depth of the storyline will see players hooked for weeks. The game is even intended to work as a stand-alone title for those as yet unfamiliar with the Witcher.

‘Wild Hunt’ will be available to buy from May 19 this year.