THE World War One memorial and World War Two garden of remembrance in Tillicoultry are to be given a spruce up before Remembrance Sunday.

The memorial had seen better days with many names of the fallen now faded and moss growing on the monument. The garden of remembrance also looked like it needed a clean up.

Councillor Archie Drummond, Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton & Devonside Community Council and Clackmannanshire Council all got involved.

From the outset it was clear this would need to be done carefully and a specialist conservation company was given the contract for the work.

Councillor Drummond said: “I was conscious from the outset that these monuments are among the most valuable pieces of our built environment so the conservation had to be done properly.”

The job will cost a total of £10,410 and funding was received from Alloa Round Table, EDF Burnfoot Hill Community Fund, John Marshall OBE and the War Memorials Trust.

Derek Cunningham from LTM group began work on Wednesday, October 26 and the job is expected to last two weeks meaning the place should be at it's best when people gather to pay their respects on November 11.

Clackmannanshire Council has recently improved the area around the memorial and the paths in the garden.

Not content with this, Councillor Drummond is also looking to conserve the Devonvale Mill World War Two memorial. He explained: “Phase two of my project is to conserve the Devonvale Mill World War Two memorial in Moss Road. This beautiful piece of art is the work of renowned sculptor Charles Pilkington Jackson whose work includes the statue of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn Heritage Centre and the Platfoot grave in Tillicoultry Cemetery.”

This is a more complicated job and will cost around £15,000, the War Memorials Trust has pledged more than £11,000 towards it.