LIVERPOOL band Cast made a welcome return to the Wee County last month, writes Bazza Mills.

The eye-catching support bill also included Coatbridge's Feet Of Clay as well as one of Scotland’s fastest rising stars, Gerry Cinnamon. Throw in a boisterous Black Friday crowd, many of whom had already written-off the next day, and the ingredients were all there to make it another rousing night at Alloa Town Hall.

Feet Of Clay opened the night with the early concert goers showing their appreciation for the band throughout the set.

In particular, closing number Revenge of Incarus went down a storm with lead singer JP saying: "It was great getting the party started and it seemed like the Alloa crowd enjoyed the tunes as much as we enjoyed playing them."

With singer songwriter Gerry Cinnamon next on stage, the numbers continued to swell with many keen to hear the rising star before he is catapulted to another level when he drops his debut album next year.

Evidently there were many in the crowd with the sole intention of hearing Gerry as they sung each lyric back at him like their lives depended on it.

Gerry was delighted with the response. He said: "Alloa was well decent. I don't usually do supports, they're not really my thing, but I haven't played many shows this year so when I was offered the two Cast shows I took them and just made it a wee road trip with my mates that were working it.

"I'd never been to Alloa before and only played a wee farm festival in Inverness, so it was good to see what the craic is up north. The crowd was really responsive at both shows and there were a few folk that had never heard the tunes before and they got in about it so what more can you ask for?”

Being pay day Friday, it was hard to spot a reveller in the crowd without a drink in hand and by the time Cast took to the stage the place was bouncing.

Promised Land, Tell It Like It Is, Sandstorm and Fine Time - all from their debut album All Change - kicked-off the night and delighted the crowd. Led by John Power, the band belted out the hits with Live The Dream, Flying and Guiding Star being standouts.

With Skin on guitar, Jay Lewis on bass and Keith O’Neil on drums, the band sounded great and when they returned to the stage for an encore the place erupted once again.

Baby Blue Eyes continued to whet the appetite of fans waiting for the long overdue album to be released, whilst anthem Alright ensured everyone left feeling more ecstatic than alright.