ST MUNGO'S Parish Church is hosting an exhibition of photographs from the town's past. 

As part of the church’s wider anniversary celebrations, marking 200 years, the public display was opened on October 2 and finishes this Saturday.

The Rev Sang Y Cha spoke at the launch and was joined by Lord Philip Brodie, a judge of Scotland’s Supreme Court, who grew up in the church, while his father, the Very Rev Peter Brodie, was minister. 

The current minister of St Mungo’s Parish Church, who was ordained and inducted to the church six years ago, told the Advertiser: “We opened up on Monday. Lord Brodie, the son of Peter Brodie, has served here the longest time, 40 years, and he came to open up the Heritage Exhibition, along with Johnny Stewart (Lord-Lieutenant of Clackmannanshire) and Deputy Provost Donald Balsillie. There were about 100 people here.

“It was really touching to have him back because the last time he was here and he grew up in the Manse and in this church, before leaving for Edinburgh, was the last time that window was put in over 25 years ago. It was rather moving, and you could see that he was moved by it.”

The Heritage Exhibition gave interested members of the community the chance to immerse themselves in the history of St Mungo’s itself, Paton’s, Alloa glassworks and Alloa harbour, as well as to reminisce about Alloa and learn more about its past.