FOUR pupils from a Clacks school are set to test their talents in Japan after being selected to play for Scotland’s rugby youth team.

Logan Aitken, Ethan Palmer, Robbie Warnock and Alexander Summers from Lornshill Academy are set to travel across to Asia for nearly two weeks in the summer after they successfully came through trials with the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU).

The school is one of 12 official school of rugby academies in Scotland and they are now starting to reap the rewards of it with all four of the boys being from the first ever class in the school having come through it from first year.

Now the boys will jet off to Nagasaki on August 4 for two weeks of training with the hope of honing their skills further under the guidance of Scotland’s top youth coaches.

Darren Leslie, a PE teacher at Lornshill, told Advertiser Sport that the boys, who are all 14 and 15, thoroughly deserve what they have achieved, although he admits it was still a pleasant surprise to see so many getting picked for the team.

He said: “We have our school of rugby in conjunction with the SRU. We sent five of our boys through for trials and four of them got picked.

“I did not expect that many to make it, if I’m being honest. There are 12 schools who send pupils in and it generates a lot of interest, so it’s great to have them picked.”

With the school being an official partner of the SRU, the pupils who are on the school rugby team get extra opportunities to practice the sport.

Darren continued: “Our boys get extra time to focus on the rugby and it allows them to concentrate on the extra detail in that.

“For the boys it is great. They are our first school of rugby group and have come all the way through from first year. I have spoken to their families as well and they are all so proud of them.”

The boys confirmed their excitement, too, adding that they are looking forward to testing their skills against international opposition while getting to know their new teammates.

Scott Harrison, a youth development co-ordinator at Alloa Rugby Club where the boys play for the U16s, said that it is a source of pride to see them being selected for the tour.

He said: “The boys will be representing Scotland on the trip to Nagasaki and it is a great reward for all their hard work and dedication to improving their rugby skills.

“It will allow them to experience a completely different culture while playing rugby in a different country. The boys have been part of the first Lornshill school of rugby meaning that they have had additional rugby development during school time.

“All four of the boys play for the Lornshill school team but have also benefited by playing for Alloa Rugby Club U16 team which has meant training and playing at Alloa against clubs from the local area as well as Montrose, Kirkcaldy and St Andrews.

“Hopefully their success will encourage others to play both at school and at Alloa Rugby Club.

“I’m sure the boys will have a great time and have memories that will last with them for life and that they will do themselves, Lornshill Academy and Alloa Rugby Club proud when they play in Japan.”