LIFE-SAVING equipment is now in place in Dollar with dozens of people trained up to put it to good use.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) has been installed in a cabinet on the wall of Lloyds Pharmacy, on the corner of McNabb Street and Bridge Street.

The device is available to save a life in case someone collapses due to a cardiac arrest, an emergency situation arising from the heart’s failure to effectively pump and circulate blood around the body and to vital organs.

The drive to put the vital equipment in place was spearheaded by David Foreman, trustee of Dollar Community Development Trust, with the local man giving a nod of thanks to everyone involved.

It was a long journey to have the funding secured, amid negotiations to find a suitable placing it and the granting of planning permission.

David told the Advertiser: “I just felt there wasn’t anything suitable in Dollar – you’ve got to have the defibrillator available 24 hours a day for anybody coming through [the town] – all the tourists, buses, lorries and also the people who live here.”

The key idea was to make sure the device is accessible at all times, rather than having it locked away in a building out of hours.

David’s plans even got the backing of politicians when MSP Alexander Stewart highlighted the initiative through a motion at Holyrood.

The automated device comes with instructions and makes the call on whether a shock should be delivered once the pads are fitted in an emergency.

However, CPR is an essential skill that should be employed alongside the defibrillator to keep oxygen flowing around the casualty’s body.

And so David organised training events in both CRP and AED use, one for the wider community in May and for P6 and P7 children at Strathdevon Primary School – adding that he wanted to “deliver the full package”.

He said: “I wanted to make sure that the training was in place and that the people were given a chance to be involved.”

Foundation Scotland and its EDF Burnfoot Hill Community Fund were given a nod of thanks for providing the cash.

Thanks also go to the Scottish Ambulance Service for all the advice and guidance along the way as well as to the staff and management at Lloyds Pharmacy for hosting it.

A code to open the cabinet and access the defibrillator can be obtained by phoning 999 in an emergency.