Falkirk, Grangemouth Stags and Hillfoots RFCs are delighted to announce that next season their youth sides will be joining in partnership and playing together as Kelpies Rugby in the regional leagues.

The project will utilise the strengths of all coaching staff, while ensuring youth teams will always have a squad big enough to compete.

Craig Bolan, chairperson for the development, said “All three clubs have been finding it difficult to field full youth teams at all ages on a regular basis due to the competing demands of school work and other interests.

"This exciting partnership will mean that Kelpies Rugby will firstly have large enough squads to regularly field full teams that will train and play together.

"Secondly, we will be able to combine resources – especially coaching to provide a strong development pathway from S1 all the way through the youth set up to U18 rugby and ultimately into adult rugby. There is no doubt that we are stronger together.”

This exciting opportunity is available to all boys and girls in the Forth Valley, with Kelpies Rugby being able to field teams at S1, S2, U16 and U18 as well as offering a pathway for girls rugby from U15s through to U18s.

The partnership will permit the Kelpies Rugby teams to play with full squads and allow the boys and girls to experiment with different positions and have fun on the pitch, while providing a clear pathway from junior rugby through to the adult game where we can develop our young players to be the stars of the future.

Combining each club’s resources in terms of coaching expertise and facilities can only be to the advantage of the kids who will benefit from not only the enhanced coaching available, but also excellent facilities such as Grangemouth Stag’s indoor training pitch which will be of great benefit in the winter and will keep the kids playing and training all season long.

Any youth rugby player who would like to take part in this scheme, either to have fun and develop their game of rugby, are asked to email contact@kelpies.club for more information.