FANS of a Wee County rock band can now blast their latest tunes out of the speaker after the release of their latest single.

Alloa three-piece Trimm released their EP Alive at the weekend when they appeared on stage at the Tolbooth in Stirling at ATM Music’s Unsigned UK event, supported by LTD, Mister City and Between the Lines.

The high tempo tune is sure to please fans of the genre, who can then wind down with the chilled-out B-side In My Stride.

Both are available on Spotify and iTunes with the band hoping for a strong finish to 2018.

The band's drummer Michael Wareing feels there is more to come from the trio in the near future.

Playing alongside singer and guitarist Jacob Franklyn and Scott Archibald on the bass, he said was buzzing to be back on stage on Saturday, August 11.

Michael said: “It was brilliant, there was a good turnout.

“And the three bands who were on before us as well – they were absolutely cracking.”

He added the single and B-side have been well received so far and revealed how the band just lets the creativity flow during practice, which is now paying dividends.

Michael said many people think writing tunes is “some mad process”, adding: “All we do is we go down the practice room and kind of just have a jam, just all play along.”

When something catchy emerges, Scott’s phone is deployed to record ideas and it is all built up from there.

Michael continued: “There’s no mad secret, no mad complicated thing to it.

“We don’t force it because as soon as you start forcing it, it starts to come across.”

Find Trimm on Facebook or follow the trio @trimmband on Twitter – there are links on both to the latest tunes.