AN ALLOA singer who starred on the X-Factor is making a name for himself since moving to Los Angeles to chase his dreams.

Cameron Neilson, who recently joined the music management company Band of Others to help nurture future stars, claims he has had a tough journey along the way.

He told the Advertiser: “Music as a career is not an easy one. I am a gay guy from a very small town in Scotland.

“At a very young age I had many big dreams that others didn’t think I could achieve.

"I have had to work very hard to break free of what people thought about me and to make a name for myself.”

After years of dreaming about his music career growing up, Cameron took the plunge and signed up for the X Factor in 2010 as part of the band, Princes and Rogues.

The band made it to the final eight of the group stage, before losing out to One Direction – but they went on to tour across the UK and Europe.

After ticking the X Factor off his list, Cameron, determined as ever, decided to keep pushing and made the move to LA in 2012.

He added: “I would say it’s been a rollercoaster.

“I’ve been to the crazy parties in LA with people like Kylie and Kendal Jenner, Pharrell, Julia Michaels.”

In LA, Cameron found himself backing stars like Queen Latifah and Megan Hilty as a singer – and coming up with hits as a songwriter for KPOP bands like Super Junior.

But, living in a place where everyone is trying to make it big can sometimes be a struggle.

He said: “I’ve been lucky to experience such variation in life, but that of course has led to moments that are not constant and not knowing what happens on a day to day basis, or how I’m going to pay that next bill.

“But that’s the life of music and a creative that you have to accept that it’s not always constant.”

But now, Cameron is looking for his big break behind the scenes as a music manager with the LA firm Band of Others – supporting other up-and-coming singers.

He said: “This was always something I wanted to move into.

“It’s great because I’m still heavily on the creative side of our company, because first and foremost that’s what I am – a creative and songwriter and vocalist.

“[My colleagues] Jared and Sarah are geniuses with the business sides and have worked with Beiber, Gaga, Charlie Puth and Julia Michaels, so they know what’s up.”

Cameron says he is looking forward to what the future holds, as says he plans to “keep on travelling and experience as much as I can”.