TWO stunning poppy waterfalls have been installed at a Kincardine church to pay tribute to the brave men and women he fought in the Great War.

With almost 4,000 hand-knitted and crocheted pieces between them, the beautiful displays were brought to life at Tulliallan and Kincardine Parish Church.

Rayna Lumsden, a member of the congregation, dreamt the idea up in the middle of the night and was “gobsmacked” with the amazing response from the dozens of people lending a hand.

It came with the centenary of the Armistice and also the 100th year anniversary of the RAF, with the 66-year-old thanking everyone who helped out.

Indeed, it proved to be a real community effort with some poppies arriving from as far as Canada from a Kincardine-native who picked up on the appeal through social media and was keen to help.

Rayna told the Advertiser: “I’m overjoyed; absolutely gobsmacked, and I’m very humbled at the response that we’ve had.

“The front of the church looks exactly as I wanted it to look in my dream.

“I’m just so grateful to everybody that’s contributed.”

And the reaction from locals has been delighting Rayna as well with words like “stunning", "fantastic", "amazing" and "what a tribute”.

Creating a tribute and marking the 100th anniversaries has been of personal significance for Rayna as her dad Warrant Officer WL Stewart served in the air force.

She added: “He was out in Singapore during the war (World War II), he’s a veteran from there and he served in the RAF all his life.

“It’s just part of everything that’s my life really. I just feel that it’s nice to portray their respect for the people who didn’t came back and who came back with problems that they’ve lived with ever since.

“I’m just really quite humbled by everybody’s response.”

Plans are to keep the waterfalls on display for the whole of November and keep the church open two days a week at least.

A small exhibition of wartime memorabilia is also set to be on show at the church on Kirk Street.