TWO young girls have become the first Brownies in the Wee County to earn a prestigious award.

Emily Stephen and Megan Childs, both from Dollar, have become Clackmannanshire’s inaugural recipients of the gold award – the highest recognition a Brownie can earn.

The achievement has been brought in as part of a new programme which was introduced in the summer of last year to reward a number of skills and badges.

Tricia Davenport, a leader at the organisation, told the Advertiser that everyone at the organisation is delighted for both girls.

She said: “We are very proud. They have been here since they were seven years old, we have kind of watched them grow up. They will also be leaving soon to join the guides.”

Tricia added that the pair, who are part of the 2nd Dollar Brownies, completed a number of badges by taking part in a wide range of activities including baking, collecting and inventing.

Tricia said: “Megan earned her gold award by organising a huge quiz for everyone in the Brownies.

“Emily helped create inventions and then sent all of the other girls home to make what she drew. Most of the inventions were animal and garden based.

“One of them was a bee house for people who don’t have a garden.”

The organiser added: “We have just started the new programme and the gold award is part of that which is why they are the first two girls, but we will have more earning it soon.

“It is harder to get because there are a lot of badges to earn so it takes a bit of time to get.”

Both girls said they love the Brownies for different reasons, with Emily saying: “Brownies is fun. I like the sleepovers best.”

Meanwhile, Megan added: “I like making new friends; I like everything about the Brownies.”