STAFF at a bank in Alloa phoned the police after a customer said he was going to kill his former partner as he believed she was emptying his accounts.

Thomas Fleming appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, February 28, where it was heard that he pleaded guilty from custody at a previous hearing.

Susannah Hutchison, depute fiscal, told the court that at 11.45am on January 30 of this year, the accused went to the Bank of Scotland branch on Mar Street, Alloa, to take out funds without his card.

Staff told him he needed identification to withdraw money at which point he became aggressive and said that his ex-partner had been “stealing his money”.

Bank staff then checked out his claims and told him that it was not true and reiterated that he needed ID to withdraw money and advised to contact police regarding his claims.

The 32-year-old responded: “I’ll f*****g kill her. F*** this,” which made the staff afraid, according to Ms Hutchison.

Fleming continued making threats, however, and said: “I’m going to get my mate, my knives and my guns. We’ll kick her door down and f*****g murder her.”

He then left and staff contacted police who later arrested him.

Kelly Howe, representing Fleming, told the court that her client maintains there were “significant” sums of money leaving his account and that his ex-partner had his bank card and ID.

She added that they were no longer together, but did have a child.

Ms Howe continued by saying the complainer had become “addicted to gambling” and Fleming regularly paid off her debts, and just before this incident she had asked for £300, which he refused.

The court then heard that Fleming, of Mary Place, Clackmannan, has three further outstanding matters at Dunfermline Sheriff Court, including a domestic matter, and that he does have a previous record.

Sheriff Simon Collins said: “His behaviour is unacceptable towards bank staff and partner. He will find himself in prison if he keeps it up.”

Fleming was sentenced to carry out 110 hours of unpaid work and be supervised for one year.