AN EXHIBITION is set to map the growth of housing developments in Dollar with an appeal launched for material.

The showcase at Dollar Museum will aim to look in detail at the history of housebuilding in the town, along with the planning process, construction itself and the first occupants.

Members of the museum creating the display are hoping to capture all the major developments, council-led or private, over the past century.

Photos of building works, from when people first moved in and imagery capturing the early days are all being sought.

Anyone who still has sales brochures on contacts for the seller, rent books or letters from the defunct burgh council could also prove useful for researchers.

The museum is initially looking at the first council housing developments on Station Road, West Burnside, Manse Road, Argyll Street and Manor House Road from the 1920s and 30s.

A museum spokesperson said: “We are asking you if you can go back into your family’s papers and photos and see if we can find any family history in these streets.

“We would also welcome any Allsop Place information, a private development built in the 1930s.”

There is another 100 years of developments to be looked at, anyone with information is asked to email or find Dollar Museum on Facebook.