A CHARITABLE Wee County club has sent aid to Africa after one of the worst tropical cyclones on record devastated multiple nations.

The Rotary Club of Alloa responded to the Cyclone Idai disaster – which hit Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Madagascar – by sending practical help in the form of a ShelterBox.

The sturdy green box, provided by the ShelterBox Trust which is in partnership with Rotary International, contain various tools and items to provide some relief and a temporary home for affected families.

At a cost of around £600, it includes a weatherproof tent, essential tools, solar lights, blankets, water purification kits or filters, mosquito nets and more – depending on the needs and circumstances of affected communities.

The cyclone, which only recently dissipated having formed on March 4, and reaching peak intensity 10 days later, caused catastrophic damage leaving more than 600 people dead and hundreds more missing.

Tropical winds of up to 120mph caused severe flooding in the aforementioned areas, hitting Mozambique the hardest with millions of people affected.

Many have been stranded by the floods while homes, hospitals and other infrastructure were destroyed with landslides posing a further threat.

Norrie Rolland, Alloa Rotary Club’s convener of international service, said: “Because we continuously raise money in our community for both local and international causes, we were ready to fund a ShelterBox as soon as news broke about this tragedy in Mozambique.

“Rotary members pictured here are offering Clackmannanshire folks a wee look at what goes in to a ShelterBox, so they can see for themselves how useful this might be if you suddenly lose your home and all your possessions.

“So, thank you to everyone who donates when they see the Rotary logo – you can be sure your money will be well spent.”

Some aid agencies are warning the disaster could get worse with more heavy rainfall.

The spread of diseases like cholera and malaria is also a risk and people are racing against time to get health provision in place before an outbreak strikes.

Norrie is encouraging people to donate, anyone wishing to do so can call treasurer Bill Aikman on 07864 569 484 and leave a message.

Local men and women looking to join the Rotary can get in contact through Facebook or call membership convener Kevin on 07809 537 825 and leave a message.