TALENTED Muckhart Primary School pupils pulled off two amazing performances of their school play in front of packed-out audiences last week.

The youngsters performed Ye-Ha on March 26 and 27 at the village’s Coronation Hall – to great acclaim.

The play is set in the lawless Wild West, where there is a terrible problem with a gang of no-good outlaws.

Sheriff Wilbur Hubbard, along with Billie-Jo Brisket and her faithful steed Lightnin’, all work together to save the town.

Speaking to the Advertiser about the shows, the school’s headteacher, Lesley McGlinchie, said: “The children loved taking part.

“There are 42 kids in the school, and everyone had a part.

“Everyone joined in and staff made the costumes and taught them dances and all that sort of things.

“After the shows they were disappointed that we weren’t doing any more.”

Both performances were open to the public, and went down brilliantly with those who came along.

Leslie said: “They [audiences] really enjoyed it.

“We’d had posters and fliers out for it, and our evening performance on Wednesday sold out all 100 tickets.

“The script was quite funny and the audience were really laughing, which was good for the children because they were having to pause and wait for the laughter to stop.”

With a team of just six staff members, Leslie said that putting on school shows can be tough work.

But after last months’ successful performances, all the staff and pupils at the school were proud of how well their work had paid off.