DANCERS from Alva Academy placed in almost every single category at a nationwide performance competition last week.

The Rock Challenge was held in Dundee's Caird Hall last Wednesday and saw around 350 pupils from all over Scotland take to the stage to showcase what they had been practicing for months.

One of the aims of the show is to inspire, engage and motivate young people to make healthy and positive lifestyle choices.

The Alva pupils took to the stage to dance with a classroom theme.

A teacher at the school told the Advertiser that the pupils loved their day and found the whole experience a positive one.

She said: "The pupils had a fulfilling day performing at Rock Challenge. We were merited with a number of awards, which was excellent as the pupils worked extremely hard to put this performance together.

"The pupils were asked to consider what they learned from the experience. Because it was mostly a pupil led performance, they learned how to work together and organise their costumes, staging, and hair and make-up.

"They also had to attend a number of rehearsals, not just to learn the choreography, but to work on their overall look. This allowed the pupils to work on their time management.

"A key point was that the creative skills of the children were put to the test, as well as their acting skills as they had to adopt the character of their chosen animal. It was a rewarding experience, from start to finish.

"It was a great experience for all involved and thank you to those who came along to support Alva."

The Wee County school came top in four categories including choreography, drama, soundtrack and cultural and educational achievement.

On top of that, they also came in the top three for performance skill, stage use concept, visual enhancement and entertainment.