A MAN in Australia is hoping to reunite a valuable piece of Alloa's history with the area.

Ross Stewart's father, Alex, was the bandmaster of the Alloa Burgh Band between the 1950s and 60s.

After his father's death in 1965, Alex was given the conductor's baton by his mother and now Ross wishes to have the item back in its rightful home.

However, since Ross moved to Western Australia in 1970 he has lost touch with those in the Wee County and is now looking for someone to come forward to take the baton and display it.

The 73-year-old told the Advertiser: "When my father passed away in 1965 my mother decided that I should have the baton.

"I was a member of the Alloa Burgh Band for seven years and was the only musician in my family.

"Therefore, my mother thought it fitting for me to hold on to the baton.

"In those days my plan was to join the army as a bandsman and hopefully work up through the ranks to become a bandmaster.

"I was very proud of my father and whenever I look at this baton it brings back fond memories of those younger years where I learned my trade as a young musician and have still carried on now.

"I thank Alloa Burgh Band and my father for launching my career in music."

He continued: "I am now 73 years old and worry that when I die the whole story of the baton will be lost and who knows where the baton might end up.

"So I am looking for some advice as to where or what I should do with it.

"It is important that Alloa knows this story and I feel that this baton belongs somewhere in Alloa."

The baton, which is made of ivory with silver trimmings, is inscribed with the name of the first owner, saying: "Presented to Mr J. E Robinson by the trustees of the Alloa Band 9th Feb. 1894."

Although Ross had hoped to come over and hand the baton over to someone in person, he is unable to and is now hoping that should an organisation come forward to claim it, he can send it over.

The music teacher added: "Since coming to Australia in 1970, I have, unfortunately, lost all contact with the music scene in Alloa.

"I would not know who to contact hence I am seeking advice.

"The band rehearsal room used to be the old stables in Greenfield Park so wondered if it could perhaps be displayed in Greenfield House.

"I do fondly also remember that the band played in the park every Sunday evening to packed audiences."

If anyone wishes to make contact with Ross regarding the baton, then contact editorial@alloaadvertiser.co.uk