A DOMESTIC abuser who assaulted his partner and his ex-partner in the same morning has been jailed.

Robert Bruce, 33, appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, April 4, in relation to both assaults and another offence of damaging property.

The incidents took place in Alloa on March 3 this year, after Bruce and his then-partner had been out for what his solicitor described as her birthday celebrations.

At 3.15am they were walking down a street when an argument broke out between them.

Depute fiscal Michael Maguire told the court: "At one point the accused pulled the complainer by her hair at the back, and pushed her against a fence.

"The complainer then pushed him away, and the accused pushed the complainer on a further two occasions whilst walking down the street."

As this was going on, two people heard the commotion from their house and looked out their window to see Bruce kicking off.

After spotting them watching, he proceeded to jump onto a car parked in the street, and then smashed the windscreen by kicking it.

He then jumped off and headed home with his partner, but ended up leaving their property and heading to his mother's house at about 5am.

On his way, he passed his ex-partner's house and noticed there were people inside, one of whom allowed him in.

After coming down the stairs of her house and noticing Bruce in the property, his ex asked him to leave on two occasions, but he refused to do so.

The depute fiscal said he then "grabbed hold of her hair at the top of her head" before being led away by others in the property, and then making off.

In mitigation, Kelly Howe said that on the morning in question both Bruce and his partner had consumed "considerable quantities of alcohol".

She went on to detail that her client had pled guilty at the first opportunity, and had recently been making efforts to find employment.

However, she did concede that he had a previous record of similar offences.

Sheriff Simon Collins was less than impressed with Bruce's behaviour.

He claimed there was "no alternative but a custodial disposal", then jailed Bruce, of Whins Road in Alloa, for seven months.