ASSAULTING a 2-year-old and neglecting six children resulted in jail time for a man at Alloa Sheriff Court last week.

The 39-year-old, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of the children, appeared for sentencing in relation to multiple offences on Thursday, April 11.

On April 23, 2018, he arrived at a Wee County nursery to pick up two children, aged two and three, whilst in the company of another child, aged five.

Fiscal depute Susannah Hutchison told the court: “[He] was in the process of attempting to get coats on.

“He appeared to become frustrated and a nursery teacher intervened, who then became distracted.

“They then heard the accused raise his voice and shout the children’s names, followed by a loud slap sound and a child saying: ‘Stop it daddy.’”

That incident was later reported to the police, resulting in the assault charge.

Subsequent to that, charges of neglect were brought against the accused and his partner, 29, after six kids in their care were discovered in foul conditions.

Social workers from Clackmannanshire Council had attended at their property late last year.

Mrs Hutchison said: “During the visit they [the social workers] became aware of the smell of urine within the first-floor section of the house.

“The floor was covered in general household waste, and the children’s bedrooms had unsuitable bedding.

“A bare-foam mattress being used appeared to be saturated with urine and faecal matter, and they observed used nappies on the bed and floor.

“On a child’s dollhouse a section of wall had brown staining which appeared to be faecal matter.

“A used sanitary towel had been discarded on a section of the floor.”

After taking pictures of the vile conditions, social workers reported them to police.

The male accused was later arrested and taken to Falkirk Police Office over the matter, where he stated: “I should’ve stabbed those two social workers.

“I wish I had stabbed those two.”

On Thursday, he also appeared for sentencing in relation to two bail breaches, and a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour.

His solicitor said that reports available to the court indicate her client suffers from a “paranoid attitude towards social workers”.

She then stated that the accused would intend to live with his brother if released, but added: “He knows there’s no other alternative to a custodial sentence.”

In mitigation, she asked that any sentence reflect the fact that the accused had been on remand since December 14 last year.

Sheriff David Mackie then confirmed there was “no option but to impose a custodial sentence” for the offences.

He then handed the accused, of Alloa, a 17-month custodial sentence, backdated to December 14, to which he made the reply: “Cheers.”

The co-accused in the neglect case will face sentencing on April 25.