AN OFFER to rehome a piece of the Wee County’s great musical history has been made after the discovery of a photograph from more than a century ago.

As the Advertiser reported at the beginning of April, Ross Stewart’s late father Alex passed down a conductor’s baton which he had been given by the Alloa Burgh Band while conductor between the 1950s and 60s.

However, Ross moved to Australia in 1970 and has lost touch with his Clacks music connections and was appealing for someone to give the baton a new home here in the Wee County.

Now, Donald Morrison, president of the Clackmannan District Brass Band, has told the Advertiser that they would “love” to have the artefact for their band room and future presentations.

Not only would they be happy to accept the baton should Ross wish to part with it, but the band have unearthed a photo from 1895 which shows the baton being held by a member of the Alloa Burgh Band.

This is enough for Donald to be convinced they would treasure it.

He said: “We have a photo from 1895 and it is a group photo of the Alloa Burgh Band. The man in the middle of the picture is holding the baton. There are certain features which for us show it to be the exact same one.

“It is truly amazing.”

Donald continued by saying that there is a member of the Clackmannan band who played under Ross’ father Alex and remembers him, meaning he could explain the situation a bit better to other members.

He added: “We have a man who played under Alex and he clued us up on all it about the baton and everything.”

If sent over to be kept by the band, Donald said it would become part of their presentations and performances – something would which might not happen if it were to be sent elsewhere.

He said: “If it comes into the hands of us then it would become part of our constitution. If it went into the hands of the council it would likely end up stuck in a cupboard and never be seen again.

“We would love to get it back.”