A WEE COUNTY woman has been given a Community Payback Order (CPO) for pestering her former partner and refusing to stop following him.

Sarah Nairn, 22, was in the dock for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, May 2.

She previously pleaded guilty to the single offence while appearing from custody last month.

The court heard from fiscal depute Susannah Hutchison that on March 29 she spotted her ex in the street as he waited for a taxi.

An 11-month relationship between the two had come to an end earlier that week.

Ms Hutchison said: "The complainer had ordered a taxi to take him into town.

"He bumped into the accused in the street and she attempted to speak to him.

"He told her not to, and then she attempted to enter the taxi and was told to go away."

Despite managing to get away from Nairn at that point, the complainer ended up spotting her in the street for a second time not long after.

He told her again that he did not want to talk to her, and as he walked away she started following him down the street.

Fearing she might not leave him alone, he walked into Alloa Police Station to ask for advice – only for Nairn to follow in behind him.

At that point, officers intervened and told Nairn that the man no longer wanted anything to do with her.

Ms Hutchison continued: "She refused at that time to believe the relationship was over, and refused to leave the police station.

"The complainer then attempted to leave and walk into town, but the accused continued to follow behind him."

Police officers then offered to give the man a lift home to help him get away from his former partner – which he accepted.

The court was told: "As they left they passed the accused, who shouted at them and followed the police vehicle while sticking her fingers up at the officers."

Nairn was later arrested, cautioned and charged and told police: "I am going to delete his number, I don't want anything to do with him.

"I've done wrong following him, but I will stop."

In court on Thursday, Nair's solicitor asked the sheriff to consider the recommendation of a Criminal Justice Social Work report that a period of supervision be imposed.

Sheriff David Mackie agreed with that suggestion, and gave Nairn, of Lambert Terrace in Alloa, a CPO with a 12-month supervision requirement.