A WEE COUNTY strongman has achieved a life goal at the weekend as he continues to lift weights unimaginable to ordinary people.

Tullibody's Chris Beetham broke a number of records at the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association's (BDFPA) Scottish Powerlifting Championships – thought one accolade only dawned on him while he was driving home.

The father-of-one took on some staggering weights with 256kg in squat, later negotiating a 300kg deadlift with no issues – both understood to be Scottish BDFPA records.

The latter was a life goal for Chris, who is now only 5kg off the British deadlift record within the federation and in his weight class.

He will be looking to break that one in July when he enters the British Championships.

But the achievements did not stop there as it turns out that Chris took away a hat-trick from the Glasgow event.

He also broke the record for the most combined weight lifted in one competition across all classes in Scotland with a total of 721kg, beating the previous best by just 1kg.

Last weekend's feats follow on from some "excellent" competitions earlier in the season, including the Scotland's Strongest Man qualifier and the Scotland's Strongest Natural Man event – both of which took place on the same weekend.

Chris said: "I was getting a fair amount of stick from my friends that I was possibly biting off a bit more than I could chew doing the two competitions in one weekend, but I wasn't willing to sacrifice one for the other.

"I tried to prepare myself for the onslaught by doing heavy training sessions two and three days in a row and in the mornings when I'm most tired to make sure, come competition day, I was ready.

"And although I had a few visits to the physiotherapist to patch me up, it prepared me very well."

Indeed, in the former he placed 10 from 36, and placed sixth in the atlas stones run.

In the strongest naturals event the following day, he finished runner up, qualifying to the British championships where he also finished second last year.

Chris added: "The Scottish [competition] this year had a pretty cool event where we had to carry a 100kg safe for 20m as part of a carry medley."

If Chris did not get tired after all that, he will surely be exhausted later this month when he travels to Hungary for the World's Strongest Natural Man Championships.

He narrowly missed out on the top 10 last year and is hoping to rectify that this time around.

The Clacks man added: "The events are ridiculously tough over there, last year we had to carry a weight of 175kg in each hand for 15m and try to carry a 500kg yoke on our backs.

"It's an extremely tough test, but is achievable if you have the will and desire."

Chris wanted to say thanks to sponsors Birds and the Bees Restaurant, Torbrex Inn, Wm McEwan & Sons Ltd and Roy & McIntyre Funeral Home.