THE best in show enjoyed the scenic backdrop of the Hillfoots in Alva at the weekend.

The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland was at the Cochrane Hall for their annual show, organisers praising the local facilities which have been popular with canine friends and owners for many years.

With their coal-black coats and distinctive chestnut or mahogany markings, the large breed took over the park on Saturday, May 4.

Club chairwoman Kate Macara hailed it as a "fine day" – even if it was a bit windy.

She added that she was happy to bring the event back to the Cochrane Hall and surrounding park, which recently went into community hands.

Mrs Macara also noted that many clubs utilise the facilities and surroundings at the Clacks park.

This is down to the fact that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find halls that are dog-friendly, highlighting the now more unique opportunities available in the Hillfoots village.

She said: "The facilities are good for dog shows, you can be either outside or inside and the catering facilities are very good.

"It's perfect for dog shows.

"We've got a lot of English exhibitors that come and they just love the backdrop of the hills and everything behind it.

"And also because it is easy to get to, the motorway link is good from England, a lot of breeds use it not just ourselves."

She added her club will be looking to return again next year.