A TROUBLED Wee County woman was arrested just moments after being sentenced at Alloa Sheriff Court last week.

The 29-year-old appeared in the dock on Thursday, May 16, for matters relating to child neglect as well as threatening and abusive behaviour.

The accused, who hasn't been named to protect the identity of the child victims, also pleaded guilty to a new case and was sentenced to all three.

Depute fiscal Susan Campbell said the new matter took place on April 3 of this year at Kilncraigs where the accused was attending for a child protection meeting.

When staff told her that a risk assessment had to be carried out against her she became aggressive, in particular to one member of staff, saying: "I wish I hit [her], I wish I thumped her."

The verbal attack carried on for around 30-40 minutes, according to Ms Campbell.

Staff tried to calm the woman by asking her what was important to her, to which she replied: "Punching f*** out of [the social worker]."

She proceeded to tell staff that she knew where the woman lived and what car she drove, adding that she often thinks about "hurting her" and that if "anyone pushes me over the edge, I will hurt them".

Police then traced her at her home addressed and she was arrested.

An earlier incident also took place at Kilncraigs on February 14 where she turned up at a pre-arranged meeting with an "aggressive demeanour".

She continually left the interview room to "look for a housing officer" before shouting and swearing at staff, saying: "I'm going to f*****g kill you, ya grassing b******s...You better not come near my house again or you're getting it."

Her behaviour continued in the same fashion on February 19 at the Children's Reporter she was described as being "volatile and emotional" with the police having to take her out of a meeting several times due to her behaviour.

The accused said within the meeting: "I'm not daft enough to assault them with the police here, I'll wait until tomorrow," before threatening to "rip off the faces of the police".

She was then arrested.

Ms Campbell went on to describe the neglect charge which stemmed from a home visit by social workers who "became aware of the smell of urine within the first-floor section of the house".

The fiscal added: "The floor was covered in general household waste, and the children's bedrooms had unsuitable bedding.

"A bare-foam mattress being used appeared to be saturated with urine and faecal matter, and they observed used nappies on the bed and floor.

"On a child's dollhouse a section of wall had brown staining which appeared to be faecal matter.

"A used sanitary towel had been discarded on a section of the floor."

During the reading of the narrative, the accused shouted: "Bull***t," prompting Sheriff David Mackie and her own lawyer to try and calm her down.

The court police officers then had to confiscate her phone and ask her to stop kicking the walls of the dock.

Robert Smith, representing the woman, told the court there were no disagreements with the narrative and that events have "spiralled" since these events for the woman.

Sheriff Mackie sentenced the woman to 18 months of supervision and told her that this was a "genuine support" for her.

As she left the dock police officers took her to a corridor where loud shouting was heard before she subsequently arrested.