AN ALLOA waterway has been given a major spring cleaning, having been relieved of tyres, shopping trolleys – and a set of traffic lights.

The Brothie Burn had become a bit of a sad sight with the stream becoming bogged with trash over the years.

Indeed, the state of it had led to fears that the welfare of wildlife in the area could be seriously effected.

However, a clean-up was organised by Clacks Councillor Jane McTaggart, who recruited a helping hand from The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

Four members of the charity, which works to create healthy, happy communities, then spent hours toiling away under the hot sun to clear out parts of the waterway.

They started at the town's Hilton Road, then worked their way downstream towards Aldi, where the burn then disappears from view.

At the time, Cllr McTaggart told the Advertiser: "Prior to today, the burn had been in quite a mess for a long time.

"I'd seen it just getting worse and worse, because there were prams and shopping trolleys – [a volunteer] told me they even found a set of traffic lights.

"Some of the people in the community have been up and have noticed the difference that they've made already."

As well as being keen to get rid of the eyesore for residents, Cllr McTaggart was also aware of the potentially devastating effects the waste could have on local animals.

She added: "The burn is a haven for wildlife at this time of year.

"We've got swans, ducks nesting, a herring that comes regularly, buzzards – we get them all here.

"It's just such a shame when you see this, with all the biodiversity, the rubbish is obviously harmful to the wildlife."

Thankfully, TCV's volunteers managed to remove several van loads worth of detritus after their clean-up, on Tuesday, May 14.

Josh Thornhill, senior project officer for the charity who led last week's effort, said: "Jane got in touch, and we always look for local groups or residents to get in touch and let us know if there is something that could do with a few pairs of hands."

When asked if he was pleased with the difference he and his team had made, he replied: "I'd be more pleased if the rubbish wasn't in in the first place, but it's really nice that it's out and the team have done a really great job."

TCV works in partnership with Enabling Projects in Clackmannanshire (EPIC), and offers opportunities for people to get involved with practical volunteer sessions.

Their aim is to protect the local environment and improve people's wellbeing in the Wee County

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