AN UP-AND-COMING Wee County girl has gone from being a novice to one of Scotland’s top athletes after little more than a year of competing in sports.

Last month, Alloa’s Victoria Anestik triumphed in the long jump at the local County Sports Athletics Championships.

Competing for Redwell Primary School, she broke the primary 7 record in the field event – the second time she has smashed the record for her age group in the past two years.

But it seems it was all in a day’s work for the ambitious 11-year-old, who idolises some of the UK’s top sporting stars like Jessica Ennis-Hill and Katarina Johnson-Thomson.

Speaking about her recent performance, she coolly said: “I knew that if I did the technique I was supposed to do then I’d jump far, and I did.”

That recent result was just one of many victories for Victoria over the past few months.

A few weeks ago, she rose to become Scotland’s second highest ranking under 13 female athlete in the Javelin.

If that was not enough, she also broke the club record for her age while competing in the same event for the Falkirk Victoria Harriers, of which she is a member.

But those impressive results maybe should not come as any surprise, as the dedicated youngster is receiving some of the best training she could possibly hope for.

Around five times per week, she trains under the expert guidance of her coach, and dad, Marek – who happens to be a former decathlon champion of his native Slovakia.

Marek has encouraged and nurtured his daughter’s sporting talent ever since she noticed her own abilities in competition just over one year ago.

Speaking about how she came to start competing, Victoria said: “In school we had the sports days and I realised I was fast because I was beating the other girls.

“Then dad started taking me to the track sometimes to have these little sessions, and we just got into it.”

Looking to the future, Victoria, who hopes to get a place at Lornshill Academy when she moves into high school, said of her ambitions: “I want to become a heptathlete, and win medals”

Mum Silvia, who also helps support her daughter’s sporting skills, said: “I happily go to every competition, as a mum, a supporter and also a bag carrier.

“I’m very proud of her and all of her achievements.”