FOLLOWING the tragic circumstances around Daisy’s death, Paulina contacted the SSPCA who warned that the public must be vigilant when buying a puppy.

All too often families, just like Paulina’s, are too excited by the prospect of taking their pup home and don’t go through with the proper checks to make sure the dog is healthy.

An officer from the SSPCA’s special investigation unit said a campaign against puppy farmers is in operation and gathering support.

They said: “We are urging the public to do proper research before buying a puppy.

“Our #SayNoToPuppyDealers campaign, which aims to bring this barbaric trade to an end, has gathered steam since its launch in 2018 but it is a demand driven business and supply inevitably increases to meet this.

“The trade puts profits before welfare and puppies bred on these farms often have medical or behavioural problems.

“There are tell-tale signs that a puppy is from a farm. For example, a seller may be evasive when it comes to questions on the mother and comes up with excuses to avoid a potential buyer visiting the house where the pups supposedly live.

“It is imperative that those buying a puppy never meet a seller in a public place or have them bring the dog to you, and that the proper paperwork is provided.

“If you suspect a puppy may be from a puppy farm or illegal breeder, please visit and call the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Paulina said: “If I ever saw the person who sold Daisy to us I would say: ‘You took my baby away’, because that’s what I feel they did.

“These people don’t care about the animals they sell and if they are healthy, it’s all about profit for them.

“I hope my story can help other people looking to take on a new pet, and make them aware that there are people in this world who will try to exploit those who want to give a pup loving home.”

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