AN ALLOA community choir were the talk of the town after singing at an iconic church in Stirling recently.

The Resonate Singers were at historical 15th century Church of the Holy Rude near Stirling Castle for a public performance on Wednesday, June 5.

Delia Binney, who leads the choir, said it was a "wonderful" for all involved while singer Aileen Crichton added the event was an "unforgettable experience".

Aileen continued: "Thank you to the Resonate volunteers for organising the event, the coach to take all the choir to Stirling and for the party on our return, it was a lovely day."

One passer-by, Marjorie Williams from London, said that she heard a "beautiful rendition" of Pie Jesu as she walked past and simply had to go in.

She added: "The harmonising was angelic and filled the church with such an atmospheric energy, what a performance."

The Alloa-based choir, which is accompanied by Sheila McRobert, began several years ago when the then volunteer musical director Alex Knox, of Alva, decided to get people singing with the hopes it would develop their wellbeing while having some fun.

Donna McGee, a team member at the Resonate Together activities venue where the singers meet, explained: "Alex managed to get a piano donated and so began a small group of people having a get-together to enjoy a range of songs.

"Over the years it is incredible how the singing has developed and Delia has been teaching harmonising and it has transformed both the performance and the experience for all."

The church's Janet McNair was happy to host the Resonate Singers, adding that "they wold be most welcome to come back next year".

Around £40 was donated by the audience during the performance and with further money from the Resonate team to the church, nearly £100 was raised for the Organ Repair Fund.

Everyone is welcome at Resonate Singers, which meets at 12.15pm every Wednesday at Resonate on North Castle Street in Alloa.

For more information, call 01259 928 014 or pop in and speak with a staff member.