A WOMAN searching for her long-lost war veteran grandfather has appealed to Wee County residents to help her track him down.

For decades, all Elly Spilberg knew about her biological grandad was that he was a Polish soldier stationed in Scotland during World War Two.

She had always hoped her grandmother would tell her more about her dad's dad, but she never did – and Elly never pried.

A few years ago her curiosity drove her to take a DNA test, which confirmed she had Eastern European genes.

Then, two years later on Boxing Day 2018, a lady called Jean popped up on her DNA match list.

After making contact, Elly discovered that her grandfather fathered another child during his time in Scotland – Jean.

Elly learned the illusive soldier had met Jean's mum – who was also called Jean – while he was stationed in Sauchie in the summer of 1944.

Romance blossomed between the pair when they bumped into each other at a dance at Alloa Parish Church, and Jean was born in April the following year.

Jean's mum had been married to another man – Danny Ferguson – at the time, who had been held as a prisoner of war for a number of years.

When he was eventually released and returned home, he discovered his wife was pregnant with a Polish soldier's child.

Despite initially planning to put Jean up for adoption, they ultimately decided to raise her as their own.

Now, Elly and Jean are both looking for the mystery man, whose name may or may not have been Tadek Budziak – or something similar.

Speaking to the Advertiser about her search, 52-year-old Elly, who lives in Lincolnshire, said: "This mystery's been going on for about 75 years.

"It's coloured my life in ways I can't even describe.

"This has led to me going to Poland over three decades, and learning [some of] the language.

"It's just an obsession."

Despite spending years trying to track down her grandfather, Elly has not been able to find him.

Now, she has reached out to the people of Clackmannanshire for help.

She said: "There's an outside chance he's still alive, but it's very slim.

"There's also a chance someone might remember him.

"I'm sure there's someone in Alloa who remembers the soldiers, and even background information or little details about Polish soldiers would be good.

"It would mean everything. I've seriously got to the stage now where I think finding him is all I want to do in my life."

Anyone with information that might help Elly find out more about her grandfather can contact the Advertiser on 01259 230 637, or by emailing editorial@alloaadvertiser.co.uk