TALENTED kids from Dualstar Dance Centre wowed crowds with their annual summer show in the Alloa Town Hall late last month.

More than 100 youngsters aged, from 3-18, took to the stage to perform the "Summer Beats" show.

Dances performed on the night included a dramatic finale to survivor, a show stealing hippy shake from the pre-school and moving lyrical to beautifully unfinished.

The performances were described as a "huge success" by one of the dance club's organisers, and on Facebook the club said after the show: "A massive well done to all our talented kids for tonight's show, we are all so proud we could burst."

Dualstar dance centre has been running for over 30 years and offers classes in lyrical, jazz, commercial and competitive freestyle dancing.

The school is run by Rochelle Duncan, who trained at the Italia Conti academy in London, before taking over 13 years ago.

She is helped by her sister Zoe Morgan, who is also now a fully qualified dance teacher with the British association of teachers of dancing.

Rochelle and Zoe asked the Advertiser to thank their other three teachers, Stacey Hughes, Kira Jones and Shelby Struthers for their dedication to dance – and to their assistant Laura Cunningham for all her help.

They also thanked all the school's dancers for all their hard work.