AN ALLOA charity was left "bowled over" after they saved the local environment from 400tonnes of CO2 emissions in one year alone.

The figure was highlighted at the recent annual general meeting of Alloa Community Enterprises (ACE), which achieved the feat by diverting nearly 100tonnes of furniture from landfill through its recycling and upcycling arm.

According to some rough estimates, the amount of CO2 saved equals to emissions from nearly 4,500 flight hours for a Boeing 737-400.

Mary Houston, general manager at ACE, praised local people for their support.

She said: "When we did the figures, all of us were bowled over by how much we had helped the environment by recycling furniture and we would like to thank local residents for all their support to us and for helping divert furniture away from landfill and also buying pre-loved goods.

"We hope that more people will give us a ring and allow us to help them in the future and keep up the momentum of tackling this massive issue."

Some items cannot be upcycled and resold, but ACE maximises recycling opportunities.

Mary explained: "Alongside reselling furniture, donations that cannot be sold due to legislation are also being more carefully broken down and components like wood and metal are being recycled better through local channels so we are reducing all the time the amount that goes on to landfill in every way we can."

Throughout the year, ACE also supported 20 volunteers while building new partnerships, most notably with Cmee which now has a remakery at the rear of the showroom on Whins Road with the aim of recycling some of the wood to make planters and bin covers.

The charity also handed over around £800 to young carers in the Wee County and Falkirk, money coming from staff activities over the past year.

Members also voted on a fresh constitution, putting the environment at the top of the agenda.

Jackie McGuire, chair of the charity, said: "ACE has helped local people in many ways over the last 35 years through training and homeless packs as well as selling furniture but now, with the support of OSCR, the charity is putting its environmental role at the heart of what it does.

"We want to help divert more furniture, reduce CO2 emissions for a world-wide benefit, be innovative in helping recycle more items and educate and promote the importance of reuse and reducing waste across the county and have set out a plan to achieve that."

Anyone looking to recycle furniture can call 01259 928 081, visit at Whins Road to purchase pre-loved items.