VOLUNTEERS once again took to a beauty spot in the Hillfoots for a monthly clean up and other various tasks.

Since 2003, the hardy people at Alva Glen Heritage Trust have been rolling their sleeves up to keep the area looking its best.

Around a dozen gathered at the weekend for the monthly workday, which can include clean ups, planting of native wild flowers, path maintenance and more.

The area used to be a "dumping ground" years ago according to board member Allan Hendry.

He said: "They cleared skip after skip after skip of the rubbish that was deposited in the glen.

"The state of the glen now is not how it was in 2003.

"Over the years we've put electricity into the glen for the Alva illuminations, we've re-done drystone dyking, we've put in scyther gongs."

The re-painting of railings, with material from the council, is ongoing while a contractor was also brought in to improve the paths.

Allan added: "The other thing we've been concentrating on as well is taking out a number of plants, or trying to cut them back, that are not indigenous to the glen or to Scotland and that is laurel and rhododendron, which tend to take over and shade out more natural plants."

There is plenty more going on in trying to preserve local wildlife, but the trust is sometimes short on volunteers.

This has, following a difficult position, led to the cancellation of Alva Illuminations this year with the hopes there will be more hands onboard to take it forward next year.