PILES of rubbish were dumped in and around the Delph Pond in Tullibody last week, sparking anger and frustration amongst locals.

Carpets, cardboard boxes and kid's toys were just some of the mess that was discovered behind an electrical substation on a nearby housing development.

And although the bulk of the waste was uplifted last Friday, one member of the Delph Pond Forum claims a clean-up is needed to tidy up what was left over.

Janette McGowan, the group's vice chair, told the Advertiser: "We're going to have to do another pond clean up.

"There's not supposed to be another one until September, but we're going to have to arrange one more."

Janette was particularly frustrated with the fact that rubbish had been dumped at the pond during a period when many locals would be trying to make the most of it during the summer weeks.

She also raised concerns about the potential harm to local wildlife.

She said: "We've got all the signets and ducklings and things like that, and a lot of people are visiting the pond.

"But what are they going to be looking at? All the rubbish floating around on it – it's a shame."

Local councillor George Matchett expressed similar concerns, and had made efforts to ensure it was tidied up after it was reported to him.

Unfortunately, he pointed out that it was "not the first time" he had tried to have rubbish removed from the area.

In September last year, there was outrage after an individual was spotted dumping piles of waste in the nearby woods – just days after volunteers had cleaned the area.

But Cllr Matchett was clear that the Delph Pond Forum and Clacks Council were always quick to respond when any such incidents arise, and spoke highly of their work.

He said: "To my mind, [the issue is] individuals discarding waste and not giving any concern to what they're doing.

"There are plenty of rubbish bins around and I just wish they would use them."