A YOUTH charity in Alloa is set to raise funds with a sponsored day-time lock-in next month.

Connect Alloa has been going from strength to strength since launch a few months ago with local young people benefiting from various fun activities and social opportunities.

The young people that regularly attend have even started taking ownership of the club and often ask for specific activities they enjoy.

Indeed, they were the ones to think up the latest idea, set to take place on August 16.

Activities are based at St Mungo’s Parish, but have no connection to religion. The church, however, is keen to be seen as a venue for the community.

During next month's event, young people and volunteers are set to lock themselves into the premises for 12 hours as a way of raising funds through sponsorship.

Throughout the day they are set to screen a series of movies appropriate for all ages and have fun with all that is available from modern devices like a Nintendo Switch.

There are also more old-fashioned activities, such as ping pong and pool, all the way to traditional table top games including Dungeons & Dragons – which has proved to be more popular than the video games available.

The garden and outdoor space at the church will also be utilised on the day, but the idea is that the young people will not leave the premises between 10am and 10pm on the day.

Plans are to split the money collected between Connect Alloa and church funds as the young people are keen to give something back for the use of the building.

Dave Crozier, the man behind the original concept, said: “I think it’s something they want to do, they want to give back, which is really good because they are really respectful.”

At the end of it all, the young people will have a say in how the funds are used for the group, whether that’s a new game for the Switch or more manuals for the increasingly popular fantasy role-playing game D&D.