THERE were lots of happy faces at the RSPB’S Black Devon Wetlands last week, as dozens of people turned out on Saturday and Sunday for their Family Fun Weekend.

Allison Leonard, the RSBP’s forth reserves warden, said the purpose of the weekend was simple: “We just have lots of different activities for the kids to do.”

Those activities included pond dipping, bug hunting, worm charming – and lots more nature filled fun.

Allison added: “In total, over the weekend we had about 60 or 70 people – so it wasn’t too bad considering every sporting competition in the world was on.

“It was great; it’s really nice to see all the kids just running around.

“In things like the pond dipping, they found lots of fish, frogs, and dragonfly nymphs – which are pretty cool looking.”

Those who attended were also treated to some lovely sunshine, and Allison even said that everyone left the wetlands looking “very pink” afterwards.

But with the Family Fun Weekend finished, she is now looking forward to the next big event – Black Devon After Dark.

Set to be held on September 15, it will feature a night-time wander around the wetlands.

Alison said: “The event will give people a chance to see the wetlands at a time when they wouldn’t normally see it.”

To book a place at Black Devon After Dark, visit