THE Ochils Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT) sprung into action last week after receiving reports of a hillwalker with an injured leg near Dollar.

Forth Valley Police Division asked the group for assistance in dealing with the casualty, who was stuck on Seamab Hill, on Thursday, August 1.

OMRT said on their Facebook page: "Team medics supported the Scottish Ambulance Service crew to manage the casualty's injuries while other team members prepared our rescue equipment for evacuation.

"Once the casualty was as comfortable as possible, they were transported by stretcher to our Landrover then driven off the hill to the awaiting ambulance."

The group went on to wish the hillwalker a speedy recover, and also thanked a local farmer for their support during the incident.

According to Ross MacIntyre, OMRT's secretary, the farmer's guidance during the callout was "invaluable".

He said: "One of the first team members on site actually spoke to the farmer, who was a massive help in providing assistance to take team members and the Scottish Ambulance Service crew up the hill and closer to the casualty's location.

"The farmer also helped direct our own mountain rescue vehicle.

"I think there was 11 team members who responded to the incident.

"Once they arrived, the ambulance crew and team members worked together to stabilise the patient."

With the warmer weather coming in, more Wee County residents will be looking to make the most of it by getting out onto the local hills.

However, Ross issued some handy advice to hillwalkers that could help them avoid getting into difficulties.

He added: "It's long summer days, so it's the perfect opportunity for people to go out and up the hills in the local area.

"Just be prepared for any eventuality: carry an emergency shelter, a map and compass, and a head torch.

"If anyone finds themselves in need of assistance, dial 999 and ask for police and then mountain rescue."