THE death of a rapist who was incarcerated at Glenochil Prison could not have been prevented, a sheriff has found.

Sheriff David Mackie carried out a Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) into the passing of convicted sex offender Hugh McArdle, and found there was nothing prison staff could have done to prevent the death.

The results of the inquiry were made public recently, with the investigation carried out following the death last year.

McArdle passed away on January 15, 2018, at the age of 67, after being transferred from his prison cell in Clacks to Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

At the time of his death, he was serving a 10-year custodial sentence for charges of rape, and lewd, indecent and libidinous behaviour.

The sentence was imposed at the High Court in Glasgow in June 2013.

Throughout his time in prison, McArdle suffered from a number of health problems – including end-stage heart and renal failure – and received daily medical treatment.

A decision was made just hours before his death to move him to hospital, but it ultimately proved futile as he expired moments after arrival.

McArdle's cause of death was the result of ischaemic heart disease and chronic kidney disease.

Sheriff Mackie found that there were "no precautions which could reasonably have been taken that might realistically have resulted in the death...being avoided".

Accordingly, the sheriff said there were no recommendations to be made or lessons to be learned as a result of McArdle's death.

To read the full findings of the FAI on the Scottish Court and Tribunal Website, visit

FAIs are held following a death in the workplace or in cases which give rise to reasonable suspicion.

The Scottish Prison Service did not respond to the Advertiser when asked if they wanted to comment on this story.