A WEE COUNTY flag football star has been appointed a coach of a new ladies team.

Scott McKenzie, from Clackmannan, has added another string to his bow with his appointment as one of the coaches of the new Grangemouth Fillies Ladies Flag Football Team.

Grangemouth Flag Football Club already has two teams, the Broncos and the Colts, but despite this, Scott explained why it was important to have a new side.

He said: “The BAFA leagues are actually mixed team leagues. But there are currently only a few women around the country who play in the mixed teams.

“The Broncos and Colts have had quite a few partners, wives, sisters and daughters coming along to support our teams over the past few years.

"While we have cajoled a few of them into coming to the occasional practice they have always refused to sign on for the teams. Even when the Broncos had a female player, Louise Donnelly, there was little enthusiasm for joining.

“In the meantime, the East Kilbride Pirates Ladies team have been doing really well in the OPAL Series, a Ladies-Only Flag Football Competition. The Pirates were, up until this point, the only Ladies in Scotland.

“Then, whatever the spark was, some of our girls decided they wanted to try to form their own team. A call was put out and we had thirteen ladies at our first session.”

Many of the players have specialities so, much like the full contact version, there are substitutions regularly throughout the game.

Scott said: “The sport is aimed at all skills and fitness levels. Some people don’t seem to be able to catch the ball as well as others, but read the game well and can be just as important to the team on defence.

“The substitutions also helps if you have people not quite as fit as they would like to be. Players can give 100 per cent on every play knowing that there is a supporting cast if they need a break.”

The current plan is to play some friendlies with the Pirates as they warm up for Opal. In addition, the Grangemouth Colts will be playing in the Winter League again this year.

Winter League is a development tournament and it is hoped some of the Fillies players will get some valuable game time there.

The first real competition for the Ladies team will come in the ladies section of the Flagging New Year Tournament in January at Ravenscraig Indoor facility.

There they will face some of the teams from the Opal Series, but will almost definitely play against teams visiting from Europe.