A TROUBLED Wee County man has been admonished after assaulting a police officer in Alloa.

Craig Fyfe was at the Drysdale Street taxi rank on November 17, 2018, when he became embroiled in an argument with a group of young females before "gesticulating aggressively" towards them.

Susan Campbell, depute fiscal, told Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, August 8, that police officers on patrol intervened and asked the accused to leave the area, which he refused to do.

He began to shout and swear at the officers before one used a "two-hand fend off" to push him away which angered him.

The 33-year-old then took hold of the police officer's body armour and started pushing and pulling him before he was subdued and arrested.

On being cautioned, Fyfe told police that it was the females who started the altercation.

Larissa Milligan, defending Fyfe, told the court that her client was going through a deeply troubling time when the incident occurred due to mental health issues, exacerbated by drug use.

Ms Milligan said: "Shortly after the incident, he ended up in hospital for one month after a suicide attempt which left him with brain damage.

"He has a further CT scan scheduled to reveal the long-term effects of the damage.

"He now has the memory of a dementia patient, but has been drug-free since he was discharged from hospital."

Fyfe, of Schaw Court, was then admonished by Sheriff David Mackie.