RESIDENTS in Coalsnaughton have raised concerns after a suspected bogus cold caller engaged with people on the doorstep.

A post shared by Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council highlighted the incident with many commenters reporting their own sightings and encounters.

A Hawthorn Avenue resident became suspicious after a man carrying a clipboard "with a random insurance company's [logo] printed on it" started asking rapid-fire questions about their property and insurance policies.

When challenged and asked for clarification and ID by the vigilant local the man who was said to be wearing a black fleece "stormed off", saying he was "too busy".

It is said he then became "rude and off-hand" and while the resident hoped to snap a quick photo of the suspected scammer, he had disappeared toward Wardlaw Street.

Many other residents added their own accounts online, one explained the day after: "He was at my door too last night, but I just told him I wasn't interested and shut the door.

"He didn't say what company he was with either when he introduced himself to me."

It is likely the cold caller targeted other areas, with some Alva residents also highlighting incidents.

One said: "I had a guy this afternoon at my door asking if I had had an accident in the last three years or anyone in my house had.

"The guy had a fleece on with a blue lanyard around his neck with a black clipboard.

"There was stuff written on blank paper, but couldn't get a good look of it."

Another commenter had a similar experience and said: "If it's the same bloke he simply wouldn't clarify and kept asking for personal information.

"Not a respectable or honest way to conduct a business. Very suspicious and appalling behaviour."

The original poster said the man was about five foot tall with a speckled grey beard and stubble as well as short dark hair, possibly in his 50s, but others thought he was somewhat younger.

Many saw the man driving a light gold coloured Mercedes, although one commenter thought they saw him in a black Vauxhall Mokka.