POLICE officers chased a knife-welding thief along the streets of Tullibody, following an armed robbery on Sunday morning.

Witnesses report the culprit entered the Scotmid store on Alloa Road in a bid to buy alcohol but was turned away due to licensing laws.

However, he returned later and hopped the counter, before making off with several items.

Police raced to the store and chased the 22-year-old from the scene, before he was arrested.

Officers later confirmed he was carrying a knife at the time.

The horrifying incident took place just after 8am on August 11.

A shop worker told the Advertiser: "A guy entered the store looking to buy alcohol before 10am.

"When we refused, he left the store and then came back 10 minutes later and proceeded to try and steal some.

"He jumped over the counter and tried to steal some alcohol."

However, quick-thinking staff managed to contact the emergency services and report what was happening as the attempted robbery was taking place.

The shop worker said: "We immediately phoned the police, and by the time he had actually finished trying to do what he was doing, the police had arrived and gave chase."

The suspect was apprehended shortly thereafter, and was due to appear in court earlier this week in connection with the incident.

Following the arrest, police closed the Scotmid shop for around three hours as they investigated what had taken place.

However, by 11.30am the same day, the shop was back up and running as usual.

And a shop worker has since confirmed to the Advertiser that all staff who were present when the robbery took place are fine following the horrific ordeal.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland confirmed: "Police in Alloa have charged a 22-year-old man following a knife-point robbery at a Scotmid Store.

"The incident happened at 8.20am, during which time a quantity of alcohol was stolen.

"The man was due to appear at Alloa Sheriff Court on August 12 in connection with the incident."