WEE COUNTY sporting stars of the past came together for a special event organised by a Clacks fundraising organisation recently.

Opening More Doors (OMD) held their latest lunch in Dollar last week with Jilly McCord invited along as guest speaker.

Jilly, who was a finalist in the MasterChef TV show recently, was also a rugby internationalist as well before furthering her career as a teacher.

She was joined by Elan Borrowman and Kit Gow of OMD, both of whom were a part of the Scottish hockey team and travelled all over the world to compete.

Indeed, the duo were key players at the time, with Scotland among the best in the world at the time.

Jilly was welcomed by Elan and Kit as she gave a talk on her experiences in both the cooking and sporting world.

She entertained the crowd with tales of her stint on the popular TV cooking contest, which was came so close to winning earlier this year.

Jilly feels at home whenever she is in the kitchen, on the pitch, or, indeed, in the classroom as she is a teacher at the Dollar Academy.

Those gathered enjoyed hearing about how an entire day’s production was edited into a half an hour show and Jilly explained her experience as a teacher and as a sportswoman helped her cope with the pressures of the programme.

Opening More Doors is a charity raising funds for other good causes in the Wee County.