IT HAS only been opened for a few days, but the Tullibody South Campus is already proving to be hugely popular with pupils.

The £15million development officially opened on Friday last week, and incorporates Abercromby and St Bernadette's RC primaries, as well as the new Tulach Nursery.

A few days into the new term, the Advertiser sat down with some of the senior staff to find out how everyone was settling in.

Aileen Ferguson, headteacher of Abercromby Primary, was blown away by the reaction from pupils.

"They love it," she said. "In fact, one parent said to me that their child wanted to come to school on Saturday, because they couldn't wait to come – they're just so excited."

Tulach Nursery's headteacher, Hazel Blackwood, and St Bernadette's RC Primary's headteacher, Nuala McElroy, both received similar feedback too.

All were keen to praise the incredible facilities at the building, which include a library, reading spaces built into the walls, and an immersive room for interactive learning.

Speaking about the latter feature, Ms Blackwood said: "It can project you to anywhere: it can take you on a train journey, it can take you to the rainforest."

Another feature of the building which stood out was the way it amalgamated the schools – something Ms Ferguson described as a "fantastic opportunity for working together".

According to Ms McElroy, pupils from the schools are already taking advantage of their newfound proximity to each other.

Speaking about a moment from the first day in the building which stood out to her, she said: "[It was] the number of families where they have a wee one in an Abercromby uniform and a wee one in a St Bernadette's uniform getting a photo taken together.

"That was really nice because they're friends out in the community, so it's nice they get to catch up again during playtimes and lunchtimes."

And all the headteachers were optimistic about the impact the new campus will have on pupils in the coming month and years.

Ms McElroy said: "I think it really makes the children feel valued because all of these resources are here for them, and for their learning and wellbeing."