A FRESH approach will be trialled in a bid to upgrade 17 "hard to treat" Clackmannanshire Council properties.

The Weir Multicon homes on Alva's Caroline Crescent were built as a temporary housing solution in 1965 and are 20 years older than their projected lifespan.

However, they are popular due to their size location and there are numerous other similar buildings which were sold through Right to Buy.

The key reason for the upgrade is that they will not meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing, which is to be achieved by the end of May 2020.

An upgrade had already been agreed last year and included fitting internal wall insulation, which would have required decanting the tenants for the works, leading to low uptake.

Since then, it was identified that there is a possibility to apply an external wall insulation and cladding system, avoiding the need for tenants to temporarily move out.

The works will also include roof replacement, upgrading of windows and doors, repair of the timber frame, fitting solar panels and battery storage depending on building warrant as well as the removal of asbestos.

It is possible that those who own their Weir Multicon home could receive a grant for similar works.

Council papers said: "Although, the system can be installed without the involvement of owner-occupiers the adjoining owners will be encouraged by Everwarm [the contractor] to take part in the project and a grant funding package may become available to enable owners to achieve the benefits."

And added: "Crucially, Everwarm are the first contractor who have shown a desire to pursue this course of action to date.

"These properties have long been a concern and have been subject to many unsuccessful grant applications in previous years."

The pilot scheme will see two of the properties upgraded before the next steps are considered.