A SAUCHIE man has been fined for shouting sectarian abuse and assaulting a member of staff in a Wee County nightclub.

Cameron Chalmers was then himself assaulted by a passer-by as a result of his chanting which landed him in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court last week.

The 21-year-old had been attending his namesake nightclub on August 11 this year when he went to get his coat from the cloakroom, according to depute fiscal Susannah Hutchison.

Ms Hutchison said staff at the cloakroom were having trouble finding Chalmers' jacket. The accused then became frustrated at the member of staff who he then "punched on the face".

The accused then walked away from the scene and began shouting: "F*** the Pope".

He was soon traced and arrested by officers.

Kelly Howe, representing Chalmers, told the court that this was her client's first conviction and the incident had been a "very harsh lesson" for him.

Ms Howe added that Chalmers' memory was "hazy, but does not dispute any of it".

According to the defence agent, he had personal troubles that day and had gone out that night as a result of them.

Ms Howe added: "For his troubles, he was assaulted in the street for what he was shouting."

There will be considerable consequences to the young man's career aspirations, as he is currently studying HND fitness at college with a view to eventually becoming a PE teacher.

However, Ms Howe said he will now have to "rethink things because of this conviction".

Sheriff David Mackie said: "The consequences of this will be greater than any financial penalty," citing his future job prospects.

He fined Chalmers, of Beechwood, Sauchie, a total sum of £500 for the two offences.