A WEE COUNTY youngster has created a bundle of his own postcards after being unable to find any in the local area.

Gregor Lindsay, from Tillicoultry, was asked by a neighbour of his grandparents to send her a postcard after visiting them in Dumfries and Galloway in July.

The 11-year-old failed to find any postcards that showcased the famed Ochil Hills, and as a result, his mum suggested that he design his own.

With a view of Tillicoultry in mind, young Gregor cycled towards Fishcross with the camera his grandpa bought him for his birthday and snapped the photograph of the landscape for his postcard.

Gregor's grandpa saw his postcard and decided to get 50 individual copies of the photo professionally printed for him.

The schoolboy made a visit to Sterling Furniture on August 24, keen to put them on display in his local retail outlet.

Much to his delight, all 50 postcards were taken on and were immediately put up for sale.

Thanks go to Andy Lachlan from Sterling Furniture for his support.

Proud mum Anne told the Advertiser: "[Andy was] great at making a fuss about Gregor's postcards and displaying them for him.

"We had a look around the post offices nearby and some local shops but found nothing related to Tillicoultry."

"The act of sending postcards is disappearing, so I just thought it would be a nice thing for him to do."

Focusing on the response so far, she said: "It's mad. I think about 20 have been sold so far.

"The experience has been so good for him. It's nice to see that people like what he has done, it's fantastic.

"I think he's working on the Christmas cards now."

The postcards have since sold out.